Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Ok so here's my banana toasted muesli (the original recipe was el blando so I added a cup of honey and some cinnamon DS1 loves it :o)

And here's the caramel banana "tart". I didn't have puff pastry so I just used a short crust pastry recipe and it was diviiiiiine! Went a bit crazy with the caramel.. didn't need as much but it was still way delish.

My spring roll pastry had cracked while it was frozen so it was useless.So no banana rolls.

I was going to make a banana mousse (with gelatine, cream and pureed bananas). I reeeally hate making jelly from a packet as it's just sugar+colour crap+flavour crap. I don't have agar agar flakes so it's good old stinky gelatin powder..anyway I ran out of time so I stuffed the rest in the freezer. I'll stick a pic on when I get moussing :o)

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