Friday, November 26, 2010

Beetroot Beauties

I grew a few rows of beetroot. I normally don't as I don't eat it much (except sliced on burgers) but when I found a golden variety and a pink striped I knew it had to be better than the deep staining traditional variety. It was a mix of three colours so I still have the purpley ones too. AND JUST IN CASE YOU'RE THINKING "er.. they're a bit small!" THEY TASTE BETTER THIS SIZE! :op

 We ate the first lot grated in a salad with carrot etc. YUUUM!
Here you can see the lovely colour of the golden beet and stripes of the pink beet.
I boiled the larger golden beets until soft and MY GOODNESS they were sooo sweet and tasty!! Here's a definite beetroot growing convert.


Lisha said...

I love the rich colours of your beetroot, they would look so great as framed pictures on your kitchen wall. It could be your brag wall of all the fantastic vegies you grow.


Suzi said...

IF ONLY I had your photographic capabilities Lisha!