Sunday, February 12, 2012

tricky bricky..

Trying to find better recipes for sourdough bread, I've driven myself into a youtube stupor.
I just can't believe the amount of mind numbing, lengthy, helpful and not so helpful clips out there on the topic of sourdough.

Well, my patient friend who I called today (me being company deprived and home bound).. could tell you a thing or two about lengthy, mind numbing moments!


My purist desires are being compromised and I may just have to use some vit C, gluten and heaven forbid lecithin (non-soy based anywhere?!) to get sourdough bread that isn't tough or bricky.


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deila taylor said...

Love your writing, made me laugh this morning! Can'' wait to see your sourdough answer. I always just by the bread already made, seems too hard to make. so share when you do!