Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Berry bountiful bargain

 Not exactly a bucket full, but nice munchable snacks for me and the boys. I had to fight the baby for the strawberries. As soon as I let him loose in the garden he heads for the patch under the lemon tree and trawls through it looking for treats!

Here's one of the boys with some zucchinis from the garden. We had them stuffed and baked:

Fried off onion, mushrooms, cherry toms and herbs. Mixed with olive oil and left over cous cous (already cooked). Shoved it in the cooked zucchini halves with breadcrumbs ontop that were mixed with parmesan and grated tasty cheese. Mmmm.. nice and crispy.

It was very filling which suprised me and we ate it with Hubby's catch of the day (snapper I think) crumbed and fried.YUM!

Ok so not a garden shot.. but it's such a buzz to get something for a bargain! We got this at a garage sale for $20. I was nice to the guy and didn't haggle, I think he hadn't done a garage sale before as he kept lowering the price every 10 seconds - nervous about something?!

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