Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In the mean time.. let's veg

Hubby took the daisey bushes out some time ago and it's just looking scraggly while we're deciding what free things we can plant there (it's a rental.. don't want to spend money on it).

So! Here's my pumpkin on the left with a new row of cucumber seeds with support for them to grow up.
On the right I've popped some potatoes on the ground to do a "no dig" patch. My small tribute to Esther Deans (a local at my post office :o)

Here's the after shot. I took Peter Cundall's advice this time and put straw over the seed potatoes, then manure on top. I ruffled a little more straw over the top as it didn't look/smell all that good having a big splodge of cow poo there!
They're both netted with wire to keep the flippin' cats out from next door - grr!

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