Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Ok so here's the update on the Norwex front. I've been madly trying out the few products I have as I have my FIRST EVER (proper) demo tomorrow. So here's what I've found out:

Enviro cloth (the general all purpose one) used damp
  • kicks butt on crusty kid marks left on my t-shirt
  • scrubbed off the veeery old marks on the rug with just water
  • wipes away snot, dirt, blood, slobber and eye gunk (the kids' okay!?) 
  • only needs a warm water wash between all those gross things
  • cleans FILTHY bush vehicles - he hem Andy. I hope you liked your clean interior and bug less windscreen :o) - ok it was steve :o)
Dusty Mit
  • Dusts for a heck of a long time and the sheets of dust on the boxes under the bed are now "bling!" 
  • Heavy dust rolls off like sausages not in the air
  • Used wet it whips clean our horizontal blinds and fly screens! 
  • GREAT in the shower (this is where you do a darlek impression 'EXFOLIATE' but oooh gentle
Kitchen Scrub Cloth
  • No scratches! Cleans all the hard baked on gunk (even those nasty weetbix bowls)
  • Great on highchair
Bathroom Scrub cloth (same thing)
  • Woohoo! Clean shower - wooops, scrubbed a hole in the darned thing.. got a tad excited that it worked and forgot to move around the cloth and used one spot. Gotta love that 60day return policy - ha!
NOR-WOW of the week.....

The Micropad
  • Flippin' amazing at getting texter, pencil, crayon and PERMANENT MARKER off furniture and walls!! Aaaah!
  • A whizz on mould with such little effort
  • Use with water, sponge dissolves with use, wipe with envrio cloth afterwards to ensure no mould returns

Check this out! This is the boys bedroom wall, mould-o-rama. On the left I cleaned the wall with an Enviro and the kitchen glove (review that next time). It worked but took elbow grease.

The Micropad (thin strip of wall on the right) took 30 seconds and hardly any effort. I felt like turning around and saying, "and that was in real time viewers!" but no-one was there so it would have been a bit silly :o)

Next week I'll tell you about the body glove (no more crying in the bath/shower) and face washers, Suede sports towel, dust mite spray (you myth buster watchers will love that one) and the spirinet - blown away by this one!

Want proof like I did? leave a comment with your email address and I'll send you the lab reports that prove it gets rid of bacteria, viruses, yeasts etc.

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