Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stuff that big zucchini! (take 3)

Don't get me wrong! The first two takes of over grown stuffed zucchini for dinner have been a GREAT success! it's just that I've failed to take pictures of both meals.

Take 1 - I cut lengthways and scooped out seeds. Then popped the four halves on a foil sheet in a baking tray and baked until done. I ... erm.. can't quite remember what the stuffing was for this one but I know it chopped and fried off a heck load of mushrooms and possibly mixed all the veggie filling with left over sweet potato.. maybe :o/
Then I mixed some breadcrumbs from the freezer with grated parmesan and grated tasty cheese and popped a nice little mound of that ontop.

To my suprise Hubby ate his entire portion! It was rather filling and satisfying, plus the cheesy breadcrumb top was a delicious, crisp finish.

Take 2 - Was the week after Christmas with those scrappy bits of left over (honey and maple maked) ham. MmmmMMMMmm! I hear you say?? YES!

Same method for pre-cooking but baked pumpkin on another tray at the same time. Then when they were both cool I put a thick layer of ham scraps, peas and then smushed pumpkin with the same cheesy bread crumbed top. BETTER than the first effort and eaten faster. 1yr old DS didn't even leave anything on his plate.

Take 3 will be.... I think stuffed with mince. Very boring but I felt like being nostalgic and doing a version of stuffed marrow that we used to have when I was a littlie. With maybe baked peppers and garlic mushrooms. Oh! I could do a garlic mash to go on top with a little cheeeeese.

I knew it was a good idea to grow Lebanese zucchini again this year. :o)

Hubby has also been out catching fish. These were his mates so we didn't get to eat them..bit scared of preparing them anyway! Hubby got a really nice fish (sorry forgotten what it was) that we ate with the first stuffed zucchini. Perfect in the same breadcrumb mix and lightly fried.

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