Monday, September 20, 2010

{insert that word here} Powdered Pancakes

Yes, yes, I know it's pretentious but the word "perfect" in my opinion applies to these pancakes by Delia Smith. The way my mum used to make them. 

ANYWAY, ANYWAY.. today I had no eggs, no milk and a hankering for pancakes so I gritted my teeth and got out the powdered egg.
It's in packet mixed muffins, pancakes, pikelets, cakes so why not use it!? It's just totally foreign to our modern domestic kitchens but works fine. 

Now Delia's recipe says it makes 12-14 18cm pancakes. We have big ones so this recipe below is double the recipe and all powdered.

 Pancake mix

220g unbleached plain flour
1 1/3 cup full fat powdered milk
4 teaspoons powdered egg (sifted as it's lumpy)
I omitted the salt but you can put in a bit.
Melted butter for the end

Whisk it all together to get a well distributed dry mix. 
In the recipe it says an amount of liquid to add but if you're just using a cup's worth to make a couple of pancakes for yourself then just add as much water a bit at a time to make the batter like a single cream consistency.

For this double batch you'd need 100g of butter to melt then whisk into the whole mix but for a smaller amount e.g. a cup of mix, plus water to make batter then 2tsp of butter. Or something...

hey, it worked for me.

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