Monday, September 20, 2010

Urid Dal left overs

I tried making some Jangri with the left over urid dal. Just whizz up in the blender until it's a frothy, whipped egg white kind of thing, add a bit of rice flour and fry. I didn't add any colouring to mine, you can add food colouring or some saffron in water.

Get the batter in zip lock and cut a teeny hole to pipe it out. You're supposed to pipe a circle and then go over it again with little.. oh can't be bothered to think.. look at the pic. Not too hot with the oil.

When they're cooked and have risen to the top. Strain and pop into a sugar syrup and let stand on a plate.
They taste just like Jalebis. Too sweet and deep fried. I just hated to waste the urid dal that had already soaked, at least I know how to make them!

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