Monday, May 30, 2011

'bit O' recycling

 When my eldest was about 1yr old his Auntie in England sent some lovely summertime all-in-ones. As it turned out he didn't get to wear them with size growth, season change etc etc. Little boy number two wore them a couple of times but we didn't have a warm enough summer last year.
So! time to get rid of them.... couldn't do it, so I recycled them. I love the innocence of them and even decided to recycle a pair of unworn undies (DS2 has a big juicy bum and they were too small! haha)
 stick em on some vliesofix and off you go.
Below are a few. Riley's 'pants' firetruck on his back

 Elephants on the front and lion on the back

 Then onto fixing the curtains that had ripped stitching after the boys had slid down them like a fire pole. I love them. They're so colourful and look like something from my childhood era. Just fun with no branding.

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