Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ta Daaa!

Ok so I bought this loooong cardigan on holiday at the Gold Coast almost 2 years ago. Loved the purple colour but not the figure hugging style. A huge NO NO for pear shapes such as myself. So I finally did something about it.
I turned this......(or a similar)

To this!
 I cut the bottom off, hemmed it (WISH I'd have kept the tie belt as that would have made great edging for the bottom) and cut out circles from the off cut. then stretched them out as I sewed the edges in a button hole type stitch so they went all wiggly. Then pinned them on. I wish I had more material to do the whole collar. I haven't decided if I want them all at the front or all down one side so they'll stay pinned for the moment.
So well done me for being brave and going for it instead of looking for ideas on the internet.. then giving up before I've started.


mountainwildlife said...

What a great re-style- I love the flower thingys! Very clever.
(oh, and hi! -I am mountainmum on als!)

Suzi said...

Thanks Mountainmum! Nice to have you visit. xx