Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Minding My Peas and Cucumbers

You never forget that realization of sheer joy the first time you feel it. For me it was standing in my Father in law's allotment. He was far off picking beans.. or something and DH was about two feet to my right. 

We were elbow deep in raspberry scratches. I remember the delicious tang of the baby soft raspberries in my mouth as I looked up at the biggest cloudless summer sky. I was blissfully relaxed and had DH by my side. It was only then that I realized my joyous passion in life (the first anyway.... :o)

I think of my Father in law whenever this topic of allotments pops up.

Thanks Gramps! I'm sure I really didn't want to help you that freezing English spring when you asked me to help plant out all those seed trays. 
We ate from your allotment EVERY night that summer with Kippers from the Isle of Man that you brought back. Bliss!!

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Bron Williams said...

love it! wonderful memories.beautifully recorded .