Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Peanut butter cookies (secret ingredients.. sort of)

If you're out for a different sort of cookie, you want to reduce the amount of flour/grain you're eating, have a gluten free diet.. (and completely sick of gluten free tasting food!).. then THIS is the cookie for you.

It's YUMMO! I didn't have the vanilla esscence so added almond essence and maple essence. So mine tasted like an Almandine tart - can I repeat, YUMMO!

EDITED TO ADD: Since writing this I've had to go on a gluten free diet and to my horror - OATS are not gluten free! (due to the processing/growing of them with other grains). So please be sure to get gluten free oats for this recipe.

Check it out:

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Petra said...

Will have to try them when my mother-in-law is visiting - they look like a great gluten and diary free recipe.