Thursday, August 26, 2010

Inspiring blog

I love blogs that inspire you to plan, imagine and do better. This blog:

Home Joys is one of my favourite blogs. Gina is a Mennonite who home makes, grows and preserves EVERYTHING! - it seems. With a foot very firmly in the tech of today and a foot enjoying the simple life, I love her ability to do so much and immerse herself in her family, her religion and have purpose and joy in life.

Mind you, this is blog land we're talking about here, and there are alot of blogs that just show the polished best side (not like the green scabby lemons on one of my prev posts!) so I'm not sure if she ever has a bad day, is really grumpy or wants to pack it in, eat chips and watch TV all day. I doubt it :o)

Take a look for yourself. Very inspiring (and how cute is that baby!) Oh, to have an ounce of her energy!

Your friend in blog land

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