Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All time favourite -ish.. maybe

I'm not really a booky kind of person. I enjoy reading instructional books about making soap, chook pens, cheese etc (though not actually getting around to making any). Books that drag me in too much take my mind away from everyday life and I end up resenting having to live it instead of reading my book - so those are out.

Lately I've been into family history (well, for a few years now) and I've been fascinated to find the inherited genetic traits and those environmental factors that make us who we are. 
I've finally finished this one:
I loved it, my good view of him increased and few people from our book group (that I sparsely attend) say that their opinion of him has changed for good. GOOD.

This is the other one I'm finishing up. It's more up my street and family tree:
If you didn't have an understanding for the coming about of the peoples of Britain then you will after this. It explains how the Irish had such a huge hand in the education of the common folk throughout Europe even to Africa. How the Welsh, being the original rulers and Britons, together with the Scots managed to keep up their fight for their language thanks to the protestant religion.
Highly enlightening, an objective view of Celtic history that's been very well researched.

Ok so my FAVOURITE BOOK at the moment is:

My goodness how this book creates excitement and proactivity in my life! It's a down to earth look at self sufficiency with no judgment or condescension on those that don't. I'm not in love with her writing style or the order of the first few chapters but I did love the family stories and interesting facts along the way.
I love her journey of allowing turkeys to "nooky" naturally like they haven't done for decades, her daughter's chicken business and all the little funny quirks along the way.

I'm not sure I'd be bothered to do the entire year like she did, but in my corner of the world it pushes me to use every scrap of space for food production! I want gluts of food like she has. I want to preserve and share and give things that have taken my time, effort and careful thought. 

I am so lucky living in Australia where we can grow all year round. There aren't those black hole months where nothing will grow. I'm reading it again to motivate my post surgery butt (well, my mind at the moment) into action and get help weeding.

Here's the site about the book and if you image google it there's alot of interesting links too.

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