Friday, February 11, 2011

New friends, Old Fred.

 I made some friends the other day. I was popping over to give the lady some samples for a new co-op bulk buy and ended up staying for hours and chatting our heads off. Her husband is in IT and has just started his own business.

 They're into organics, preserving, artisan bread making, growing vegies etc etc

 This is some lovely jam the lady gave me, it's organic peach.

 This is a slice of the regularly made bread by her DH. It was SO GOOD!

.....and this is FRED. The 12 year old sourdough starter culture. Hereby renamed Jabba (the Hutt). I must feed him at least once a fortnight.

Fred's owner will willingly do a class on artisan bread making or beer/wine making. I'm teetotal so that's so not up my ally. BUT he leant me one of his great books to have a go.

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