Friday, February 4, 2011

Beans, Toms and Dinner

Well last month it was my birthday. I had this humungo birthday cookie and had to slop the icing on in a rather 6 year old fashion to prevent the kids from eating it all!
Who cares?! It tasted yum.

 Butter beans from the garden. They grow so fast! I've been picking twice a day. They're the perfect thing for a kiddy garden and perfect to grow with runner beans as they take longer.

The boys tucked into Dad's massive roma tomatoes.

 These were the ones I planted. The big stripey ones are Russian Purple. So soft and tasty even with the green stripes. The little ones at the top are .. er.. forget the name but they're so gorgeously super sweet! Heart shaped on a truss. More on them later. The ones at the bottom are regular cherry toms from a tumbling bush I put in a pot. Same old.

We had leftovers for my birthday dinner - YUM! I put the ham and cheese with a quick white sauce into some puff pastry, the others are left over beef stew. 

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