Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eat that Yellow Dragon (and Hooley dooley)

Well here's a pic I forgot to put on before. (I think). The wiggly zucchinis from my neighbour down the street (who has a mandala garden like this one but way better). These are vertically climbing zucchinis that grew so many that she gave me about 3 kilos and then more. So what else but rabbit bread and the fluffiest, most moist and yummy zucchini lemon scones (yes they worked!).

Wiggly zucchini scones:
1 cup finely grated zucc
bit of lemon zest
1cup unbleached flour
1 tablespoon butter or coconut oil to rub into flour
1 tsp baking powder

That's it! rub in butter to flour and baking powder, add zucc and lemon zest and you're good to cut and bake. I think I baked at 170C for 15/20mins. Can't quite remember. Until golden anyway. YUUUUM.

Eat that Yellow Dragon... Fruit
 About a year and a half ago, we went to the Qld/NSW border for a holiday. What luck to find a place called Tropical Fruit world!!!  Steve rolled his eyes the whole day, "did you see that guy taking pictures of an Avocado on a tree?!" my response, "Why weren't YOU taking pictures?!"
Anyway, we got to try all the lovely tropical fruits and this one I've finally seen in the shops. I don't like the red one.

 This one has the texture of a soft ripe pear, seeds like a kiwi and tastes like.... erm.... water. Maybe with a teeny tiny after taste of tapioca, but mostly just juicy water. HA! Oh well. Good for us I'm sure.

Hooley Dooley.. This bread is really olive oil bread made into mini burgers. I forgot that at such a high temp (220C) this kind of bread creates lovely air pockets. Olive oil bread by Richard Bertinet is simple. Flour, water, salt, olive oil. It's so fluffy and crisp it's delightful. NOT the ideal think for mini burger buns...

With sourdough starter the bread doesn't rise as fast BUT in the oven they really pop up.

Lucas loved stuffing carrot sticks through the holes and eating his that way.

These are the little guys. The burgers are made from left over red salmon, small kidney beans and sweet potato from the previous night's dinner. They SCOFFED them down! Woohoo!

 p.s. I was out of carrots, zucchini and sunflower seeds.. oh and sultanas. So this is renamed "bird bread" with pepitas, raisins, currants and dried banana coins. I didn't let it rise over night, just 4 hours so it's a little dense but soooo nice and we love it.


BookChook said...

Welcome to AMB! I am green with envy over your garden. We have huge gum trees next door that are so tall now we just don't get enough sun for veges. I have a couple tiny patches for herbs and I might be able to give climbing zucchini a go. Did you ever find out the name?

thatblogyoudo said...

Ok I'm your 21st follower so that must make me lucky i love your recipes and pics will be popping back again, ill click you into my side bar thin-gey so if you post again soon then it'll come up there! great blog! keep going!