Friday, March 11, 2011

The best kind of post, pear crubmle and a whoops.


I received my long awaited birthday present last week. Nice!
FREEEEE from Anathoth. How lovely

If it's not home made and very good, then just go out and buy Anathoth jam. It's from NZ.

Another six jars of jam to my store cupboard plus the home made plum jam from my bro's small holding, makes at least a year and bit's worth of jam. Nice!

...Speaking of food
Success in the (bought a) glut of fruit and using it department. I got about 4kilos of really ripe pears for a dollar YES! A DOLLAR! shared them, and then used my share to make pear crumble PROBLEM, no oats. So I used my home made raw muesli (rolled oats, sunflower kernels, date, sultanas and pepitas) mixed with unbleached flour, butter and a bit of sugar for the topping.

The filling is raw sliced ripe pears with about a half cup of frozen raspberries ontop before the crumble mix.

The kids ate it for dessert and breakfast. ;o)

Woops.. I made some Richard Bertinet style olive oil bread rolls the other day - gorgeous flavour. Lucas helped... burnt them. grr!
you get a round of dough and cut it with a credit card and turn them inside out. Fun.. if you get to eat them afterward. They were rock hard with my overcooking.

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