Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cin sourdough/End of season/dehydrator

Well.. it burnt. Stupid computer. The crust was nice and thin (as you can see) but it was totally burnt so I cut it all off!

The inside was lovely and fluffy, soft and tasty. Albeit rather small slices.

So I stuck some more bread on to do the long rise and used the last bits of produce from my garden to make a lamb shank casserole. I use Patritti to drink and cook with as I'm Tetotal. It's delish and really adds that depth of flavour you need with some dishes.

The next day my lovely neighbour came around with some zucchinis she'd grown. Wiggly ones!!
I totally forgot to ask her what they were called. They're climbers.

Then I got a bargain at the shop. Dried them and packed them away. I think I'll grind them up for a tasty flavour additive to soups or.. just make it all a soup!

 Still on a roll I made very very bad jelly with agar agar. As you can see - spoon standing.. blurgh! haha!

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