Monday, January 24, 2011

All Natural Stain Buster that WORKS

"Well what do you know......Norwex carpet stain remover actually removed my 5 year old magically reappearing stain!! Quite amazing."
Katrina Gledhill, Teacher and babysitter extraordinaire 

So you know I'm a super skeptic about everything until researched and proven otherwise. 
Well, this is no exception. Norwex Carpet Stain Buster, I thought "pah! can't really do it all that well"
I was too nervous to try it as a part of my demonstrations as I hadn't tried it. But...


Check out my MONTHS old squashed banana stain that I found under the couch. Yes, granted my carpet is feral anyway (thanks landlord) but I do my best. 
I've circled the surrounding stains so you can see where it WAS in the after pic

 Because it's a very OLD stain I'm pouring on diluted Carpet Stain Buster as if I was going to put it in a carpet cleaner. I pour it on and let it go in.
 Then rub with an Enviro cloth.... what?! how fast did that take? Not long at all and hardly any elbow grease.
The carpet is still damp but as you can see, NO trace of banana!

AGAIN ON CARPET.. I thought I'd do it near another object to prove I wasn't just showing another bit of carpet. This one is between the cup and my foot
 Go on ZOOM IN on the pic and have a close look

AND FINALLY.. the chair.

Yes, old, yes stained... check out the difference.
 After I rubbed in the Carpet Stain Buster.. still wet
 Now dry you can see that the section I cleaned is SUPER CLEAN

Ok so here's what's in it. You won't believe it works until you've tried it. Looks way too simple.

Contains natural enzymes that naturally break down dirt, grease and odours. Works on a variety of organic stains.
Also Yucca contains compounds often referred to as a “natural detergent” because
of their foamy texture. The compound is a surfactant /foaming agent which, in our product,
is the primary cleaning ingredient. Its primary function is to produces foaming without the
use of synthetic surfactants. 

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) - preservative
As this product contains friendly microbes to help remove stains and odours, it continues to work for up to several days after use and will leave no residue in the carpet once thoroughly dry. For carpet cleaning or steam, we recommend to use 1:20 with water

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