Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Anathoth (Yummy homemade heaven)

The best jam in the WORLD is made by Trevor my father in law. Cold weather raspberries kick butt and the year DH and I were married we gorged on the 2008 store of Trevor's home made raspberry jam.

What drizzly pulpy goodness! THAT is the summer I will never forget.

Now, I'm not in a berry growing area. The other side of the world and the opposite hemisphere... BUT what I do have on my side is New Zealand.

Anathoth jam is pure jam. No preservatives, colours and their range is mostly gluten free. They use locally grown produce and if not, they're open about it and name the countries of origin! How refreshing.

It TASTES like jam should taste - homemade!
the TEXTURE is how it should be - pulpy drizzly, thick enough but not a lump of IXL gloop
the TASTE is how it should be - FULL and deliciously surprising (after the usual supermarket gaff)
the COLOUR is how it should be - natural!
So it's my favourite.

These are the ones I'm trying next; Zucchini pickle and Blackcurrant jam. Mum says she has a teaspoon of Blackcurrant jam and with hot water it's the BEST drink when you're sick or just for a relaxing soothing moment. I'll try that Mum!

If we do start to bring in alot of imported food after the floods around the country, my vote is for NZ produce. Why get iffy from China when NZ's great food is just next door!?

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