Friday, January 7, 2011

Floods, Food and You

With most of Queensland flooded and a massive amount of that being farm land, our fruit, veggies, grain, cotton and meat prices are set to hike. The poor people must be absolutely at their wits end! A dairy farmer shared his sheer dismay as he let the entire vat of fresh milk wash away through the fields. No-where for it to go as all the roads were blocked and no trucks could come and collect it.

Today I went to the supermarket and Frozberries to stock up on all the things my once full cupboards/freezer lacked, before the rush of people panic buying. Things like long life/tinned milk, butter, cereal etc. Not because I'm panicking myself.. just that I know the prices will get higher even though the Chinese imports are cheap, the demand will be an excuse to make the profit margins wider. This means pressure on my budget and so I'm buying back up food to ease some of that.

Already the Tropical mixed fruit was out of stock because of the floods. I don't know why that suprised me. So far the floods have just been something happening on TV, in another state. Flick to the next channel and it's kids shows - no problems there. We adopt the mindset that we're infallible, untouchable and these things will never happen to us.  Well, floods probably won't happen here in my part but I'm in a bush fire area.

I remember over a year ago now.. maybe two when DH was at work and bush fires felt close. I ripped apart my 72hr emergency kit realising most of it was unnecessary rubbish and got the kids and 3 wheeler pram ready to leg it. It wasn't close but it made me realise that I need to be prepared.

I wondered how those scoffing ladies at pilates would have fared in a fire situation.

So to all those affected in the floods and other natural disasters going on in Australia. Our prayers are with you. For all those sitting back and watching the drama, get prepared and stock up while you can.

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