Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It smelt odd - from personal blog

Here's an entry from our family blog that I just had to share.

At Christmas DH always buys me a utensil for the kitchen that I think "what the?!" and end up loving it.
This year was no different. It's bigger than it looks. It could lift an entire omelette, pizza or cake.
 I used it to make the kids some super-sized American pancakes (I totally kicked butt with the recipe)

What's the surprise you ask?  Well, after cooking and flipping the first side of the first pancake, something smelt odd.

DS2 (2year old) was up on the counter watching... I smelt him. Nope. I smelt me. Nope. I smelt the spatula and said, "oooh, this smells a bit odd" and DS2 replied, "I wee on it"
(me) "urgh! .... You WEEED on it?!"
(DS2) "Yeth"
(me) "Did you wee on anything else?"
(DS2) "Yeth"
(me) "what?... in the drawer?"
(DS2) "Yeth"
(me) "Did you pee.. in the DRAWER!?"
(DS2) "Yeaahhh!...(big grin).... No."

So even though it's only flipped one pancake (which was quickly binned) before being scrubbed in hot water, it was a good flip. Then off I went to smell the rest of the drawer's contents, just to check.

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