Wednesday, November 25, 2009

gloop (poop)

Well... what can I say about gloop? Well on a positive side it's nice and mild, fine for washing things that just need a wash for washing's sake.
On the down side, well, it's not the best. I have a husband and two very active (mucky) boys and I NEED something that shifts stains. I soak clothes over night then wash them and if that doesn't work on a stain usually the UV rays from the sun finish them off and make them vanish.
With gloop I can see myself soaking more and re-washing.

So what to do with the stuff? er? What do I say to all those who say they use it (or the grated dry variety)? Poop!

There is this washing powder that is very eco friendly and "nasty" free. It's the EcoStore brand from NZ, I think I'll try that next :o)