Monday, November 16, 2009


Well we're almost at the end of spring and I still want to do so much but don't' have the room. Here's what I've got:

Potato patch with kipfler, sebago, ruby red and some other random I've forgotten.

The stinky compost that I put a bag of "pigeon manure" in from a friend at the local permaculture group.. it wasn't nice. It's slowly getting better.

Haven't got much hope for these figs, last year's efforts weren't worth it. We'll see!

I know! I know! Waaay too close together. I need encouragement to pull the middle one out. If there's not adequate space between plants they struggle to compete for nutrients and don't produce well. I'm packing the feed and tonics on them :o)

The first Lebanese zuccini

Lemon Verbena in a pot while we make a new home for it.

Rainbow chard with my size 8's. There's pink, white and orange (the bright pink on the right is the back of the orange type. LOVE these ones but they're never as strong or bushy as the white.

DS1 squirting water at DH.
Behind him is the lemon tree with strawberry patch underneath.

...more tomorrow

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