Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vanilla bean bliss

A lady I know who writes a blog called Welfare Wise, has started a few bulk buys for her own area (good on her!). I peek at what she's doing and jump on board when there's something I like :o)

So this is how I came to have a whole stack (not this many!) of Organic Vanilla Beans for cheeeeep cheep cheeep.

Here's what I made with the first one.

I left the ice cream plain so that we can drizzle the home made mulberry syrup over it.
I left the bean in for the first part of heating the milk and making the custard, then pulled it out.

I'll let you assume that it turned out perfectly, that I didn't take my eye of the custard and it didn't split. I didn't whisk it like mad and take it off the heat too soon and my ice cream didn't turn out like icy crystals that I have to stick in the blender.
BECAUSE I'm sure when I've blended it up it will have a divine texture to mach the oh so divine taste!!

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