Friday, November 20, 2009


When I was a young girl at school my mum used to make this stuff we called "gloop". It was home made laundry liquid.

2 bars soap ( I used 1 sunlight and 1 sard wonder soap)
2 cups borax
2 cups soda crystals

Grate up the soap finely then add a couple of litres of boiling water and mix until dissolved. Then add the rest and dissolve in more hot water if needed. Then fill it up to the 20 litre mark with hot tap water.

Leave it over night and your soapy liquid turns into slimy goop!
1/4 of a cup does a regular wash for a front loader.

So now I have so much I'm pretty eager for someone to come over take some home to try.. So I figured at 1/4 per wash that's 16 washes per litre so 320 washes in the tub. At 5 washes a week I'll get 64 weeks out of it - what is it with me and thinking that doubling the recipe is a good idea!!

Want some?