Thursday, November 26, 2009

November 09

Well the buttercups have gone now - a brief but beautiful encounter

These are last year's strawberries (about the amount we would get per day.. small patch!). We didn't re-plant the runners so now the mother plants have worn out a bit. We still have plenty but we'll be busy fertilising, planting and waiting after this year's lot has finished.

Ok so you can't read it very well when you click to enlarge.. so there is (from right to left);
Passionfruit, celery, lettuce, rocket, cucumber, beetroot, garlic/onions, silverbeet, carrots, purple king runner beans, lemon balm, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and stuff. Beyond the compost bin is pumpkin, a few potatoes, carrots and onions.
Water tubs for the garden, potato patch and potted plants; comfrey, lemon verbena, bay, rosemary etc. The branches on the left in the foreground is one of the ornamental plums - complete waste of space if you ask me, but it's a rental and there's only so much we'll get away with pulling out and changing :o)
As I stood back and looked at this pitiful patch of carrots and onions I thought what a shame it is not to have enough room to grow a proper crop. This will probably do us a fortnight.. ho hum!

At least we'll be getting a massive crop of passionfruit. There's about 50 green plump fruit already and more popping up everyday.