Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Zucchini "talk"

Gladly I avoided "the talk" when I was younger but it's a fact of life, even when zucchinis are concerned. Here they are, slightly pruned to give eachother a bit of space.

With the male flowers, I pull them off when there's a female needing pollunation. I rip the petals of and shove it in the female flower and leave it there. Can't be bothered with all this paintbrush nonsense. I spose it's ok when you have a large crop and limited males - never happened to me.

This is Mrs zucchini, see the difference in the stamen?? thing in the middle
Mr Zucchini + Mrs Zucchini = So you really have to check them every day to see if the female flowers are open and ready for the tickling :o) If it doesn't pollinate properly the young fruit (that is in a young stage when the female flowers) will rot.

This is why tomatoes are so great, you never have to bother with them they seem not to need tickling.