Monday, March 29, 2010

Thanks Bro!

My brother lives down and inland (quite) a bit. Mum and Dad returned from visiting him and his lovely girls. They came back with what I thought was a little pumpkin but it's a zucchini! Mum took the top and I have the bottom all scooped out and ready to stuff.. haven't decided with what yet.

AND they brought back a bag of peaches they'd scrumped from a road side tree :o) hehe
Organic o'course being abandoned like that, so grubs here and there but OH MY!! What TASTE!
I had just recently decided that I didn't like peaches as the supermarket ones were revolting. I'd totally forgotten what REAL FOOD tasted like. Ahhh! THANKS!

Also dearest brother, you'll be happy to know that it's finally in and doing well. Only a few months late mind :o) Not expecting a huge crop this year ofcourse.


Here's a lovely pic of DH with the boys (and some orange tulips - aren't they divine!!) Everyone is juicing up the early lemons from the tree in the garden to make lemonade.

Here's the overgrown pumpkin vine (well the bit you can see, it goes down the whole side of the house and a bit over the neighbour's side) that has yet to produce any females THIS side of the fence - grr!

It's sad when hope rides on flower that's been a snail's dinner. Fingers, toes, eye all crossed.
This is the vine covering the old potato patch. These seeds came from a cucumber packet (I'm sure) and so I was a bit miffed when I realised it wasn't a cucumber plant.