Friday, November 26, 2010

Beetroot Beauties

I grew a few rows of beetroot. I normally don't as I don't eat it much (except sliced on burgers) but when I found a golden variety and a pink striped I knew it had to be better than the deep staining traditional variety. It was a mix of three colours so I still have the purpley ones too. AND JUST IN CASE YOU'RE THINKING "er.. they're a bit small!" THEY TASTE BETTER THIS SIZE! :op

 We ate the first lot grated in a salad with carrot etc. YUUUM!
Here you can see the lovely colour of the golden beet and stripes of the pink beet.
I boiled the larger golden beets until soft and MY GOODNESS they were sooo sweet and tasty!! Here's a definite beetroot growing convert.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fresh fruited bread

I'm a sucker for cheap ripe bananas. There's just so flippin' much you can do with them! This time I decided to re-make the freshly fruited bread from "The Enchanted Broccoli Forest" cookbook. I think last time I must have gone grossly overboard with the fruit as it was perfect! This time I went over what the recipe said but not enough. It's still irrisistable slightly toasted with butter and just a tad of honey to bring out the flavours.

I used dried dates, sultanas, mashed banana, grated pears and omitted the orange rind. I added extra lemon zest and juice and mixed the recipe with the sunflower millet bread below. The cooked millet that I added was a goodness booster.

The kids LOVED it and got excited to see kiddy sized slices of bread. I was suprised by that!

The texture worked out better this time as I kneaded it and let it rise an extra time. It made all the difference, no crumbling when slicing.

Here's a pic of a cake a lady made (for a cake tin trade) for my son's birthday. Awesome!