Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Supermarket Sourdough Scam

..sounds rather dramatic doesn't it? Do you know what you're eating when you buy "fresh sourdough" from Aussie supermarkets? (pics are of the good stuff)

In my quest to make purist sourdough (no additives and only the s.dough starter as a raising agent) and eat a low GI diet,  I've been buying the odd loaf at the supermarket aka stupidmarket.

Fresh "Sourdough" bread has a big section in every (local to me) supermarket bakery area. So why is it that when I eat the organic sliced loaf, it FEELS completely different to eat than the in store baked stuff??

Taking a quick peak at the ingredients (OK! OK! So it's my favourite past time to read labels, ingredients, who grew, packed and produced the product. Sorry if you're nodding off to sleep, I'll get to the point.) and found a whole bunch of additives, preservatives and yeast in the bread. Most of which did have some sort of sourdough ingredient - I'm guessing to introduce the taste to the faux sourdough - but some had NONE! Using      vinegar or lactic acid for the sour effect.
* pic is of the good stuff. Bills

Now here's a case here of misleading advertising:
*Yes, the bread has a sourdough element in it (most of the time)
*Yes,  it's freshly baked
*It wouldn't have the same Low GI rating as a true sourdough and..
*It would negatively impact those on diets requiring this low GI fermented product.
*It contains yeast which is a fast acting raising agent - fast production = more money but not the fermentation
*It has the sourdough starter for a flavour addition (not the point!)

Can I just EXPLAIN!? The whole point to having a sourdough bread is that it's a HEALTHfood. Not a fad food.

When grains, seeds, nuts and flours have been soaked, sprouted and/fermented the inhibitors are released (the chemical that helps preserve itself until ready to grow in the right conditions). This enables the high level of nutrients to be readily available.

Fermentation partially digests and introduces *friendly bacteria so those with IBS or other digestive and gut issues find this friendlier to their bodies.

I'm just a passionate person OK!? With one too many causes to fight for, I have to curb it all to focus on home, kids and figuring out what the heck's  for dinner! So I chat, vent and blab to you. On here. Thanks. x

P.s. The big seller for me, was Bill's stone ground flour. We order this flour through the Co-op Stop and it stores exceptionally well in our foil pouches long term.
Any bread you see with a multitude of added vitamins and minerals is from a super duper refined and quickly processed flour - having to add a little back for all the goodness it lost in the fast money making process.


*with friendly bacteria there's always bad bacteria present. Though not in sourdough as it's cooked, but (lactobaccilus is what makes it taste sour) if you're concerned ask your doctor before eating the good stuff if you're on chemo or something! Home made Kim chi, sauerkraut, any yoghurt, unpasteurized milk/cheese, keffir etc etc

Sunday, February 12, 2012

tricky bricky..

Trying to find better recipes for sourdough bread, I've driven myself into a youtube stupor.
I just can't believe the amount of mind numbing, lengthy, helpful and not so helpful clips out there on the topic of sourdough.

Well, my patient friend who I called today (me being company deprived and home bound).. could tell you a thing or two about lengthy, mind numbing moments!


My purist desires are being compromised and I may just have to use some vit C, gluten and heaven forbid lecithin (non-soy based anywhere?!) to get sourdough bread that isn't tough or bricky.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thrill or Fear? (wonderful things)

What is it that we love so much about fear? This none OH&S slide on holidays was nail bitingly steep.
DS1 looked so scared that I thought he was going to cry - but up he went a dozen times.

I'm sure we don't really like being scared. If you got on a roller coaster with a friend, then sneakily took a bolt out of your pocket and said, "oops! look what just came out!" then you could really test the 'loving fear' theory on your friend.

I don't think we really like it at all. Sometimes it's good for us though. Not knowing the future, the stomach lurching moments, the thrills and anticipation, smiling, screaming, laughing... and about to wet yourself or puke or both.

I personally don't subject myself to roller coasters or other panic inducing rides. I like to stay safe.

LIFE is one trip full of anticipation, stomach lurches, tears, laughter, heart bursting happiness and puke that I wouldn't miss for the world. {Thank you for mine Creator and co-creators}

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just say something!

With all the controversy over certain stationary items and t-shirts at the moment (and OH MY! are they shocking!!), I figured there was enough people on the case demanding change. There was an absolute outcry which was GOOD!

BUT when I walked into my local shopping centre to be confronted with a poster ad of a totally nude lady I was livid! I sent this letter in... I didn't hold back:

I am a mother of two young boys and have shopped at Westfield for the past 9 years.
I have three serious complaints to make about the inappropriate presentation 
of advertisements and music at Westfield.
1. the Coca-cola advertisement on the board near Woolworths and pie shop of 
a passionate kiss. Steamy hot kisses aren't appropriate!! I was really appalled 
when I saw this and continue to be. Children see this and think it's ok to 
kiss each other like that. It lowers the level of accepted (among their peer 
groups) physical contact. It's showing us that since it's public it's ok 
to do at any age. WRONG.
2. The new advertisement that has a NUDE poster of the biggest looser trainer.
WHAT THE HECK IS THAT ALL ABOUT!?! This isn't some sleezy back alley shop 
with an Adults only sign, it's a GENERAL PUBLIC AREA. This goes beyond 
acceptable and is nothing more than porn. Seriously! Having my 3 and 5 year old 
boys look at a poster of a naked woman signals to them that it's ok to see 
pictures like that. It's immoral and NOT G RATED.
3. I understand you have to appeal to all audiences when playing music but 
"I wanna sex you up" is not appropriate shopping mall music. 
So far with the heated kiss, naked body and music lyrics (which they DO pick up 
and notice) I have no desire to shop at Westfield. 
There are codes on television. So where are your codes of conduct? 
I can only assume you were getting alot of money for those ads. I'm fuming.

 So after a few emails back and forth, one claiming they weren't responsible for those ads as they're managed by someone else. They promised to give the feedback and follow up.

This is the final response I got:

I just wanted to let you know that all the Biggest Loser posters have been removed from the Centre entirely and we are in the process of removing the Diet Coke campaign.

The company who manages the advertising have taken on board the feedback. When it comes to advertising creative they do try ensure that all campaigns comply with the Australian advertising standards.
If you would like, you could also refer your complaint to the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) via the ASB website.

Kind regards,

Leanne Waterfield
Marketing Manager

So off to the ASB I go to make sure they at least hear what I, as a consumer, Mother and member of society have to say. It didn't hurt the last time I did.

Good result! I urge you all to stand up for the innocence of our children and for goodness. Just one email made a real difference. A small victory, but worthwhile.