Monday, May 30, 2011

'bit O' recycling

 When my eldest was about 1yr old his Auntie in England sent some lovely summertime all-in-ones. As it turned out he didn't get to wear them with size growth, season change etc etc. Little boy number two wore them a couple of times but we didn't have a warm enough summer last year.
So! time to get rid of them.... couldn't do it, so I recycled them. I love the innocence of them and even decided to recycle a pair of unworn undies (DS2 has a big juicy bum and they were too small! haha)
 stick em on some vliesofix and off you go.
Below are a few. Riley's 'pants' firetruck on his back

 Elephants on the front and lion on the back

 Then onto fixing the curtains that had ripped stitching after the boys had slid down them like a fire pole. I love them. They're so colourful and look like something from my childhood era. Just fun with no branding.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Your Dad's eyes...

A couple of weeks ago I was thrilled to find that my great grandmother (I've been doing her family line) had a previous marriage and son. Pictured below with his wife on their wedding day. He died the following year.
Talking about this to my Dad and the memories he has of his grandfather and extended family sadens me that I can't see any physical evidence. No pictures, no journal, nothing. Back then they'd burn them all.

So I'm very happy to have my great great uncle's pic right here.
 When I talk with the boys and tell them how beautiful they are, I tell them who's parts they're made of (generally!). DS1 is tall like my brothers, my hair and face as a child - except the eyes. He most definately has his Dad's eyes. Soft, warm and deep (hopefully not googly but only time will tell!).
DS2 has Daddy's shaped head and nose. All the rest is mine! Though his eyes are a mysterious mix of blue and... ? Lungs and strength of Daddy (who has his Father's and grandparent's keen cycling abilities) and both extremely gifted in the energy, climbing and problem solving departments. Especially escapism. eek!

This is DH trying to get some sleep in the spare room.. apparently I did some sort of feminine breathing that was too loud for him to sleep through - the nerve!
 It's nice to share family similarities with cousins.
 .. and giggle about them with mums.

I personally find it so important to teach my children about who they are and where they're from.
Seeing those past and learning about them gives me drive, peace and happiness in the knowledge that they are the making of my genes and if they live against the odds that were in their lives then I flippin' well can! I love seeing similarities and owning a great heritage.

I can never really get out what I feel about it.. hope you get it.