Monday, January 24, 2011

All Natural Stain Buster that WORKS

"Well what do you know......Norwex carpet stain remover actually removed my 5 year old magically reappearing stain!! Quite amazing."
Katrina Gledhill, Teacher and babysitter extraordinaire 

So you know I'm a super skeptic about everything until researched and proven otherwise. 
Well, this is no exception. Norwex Carpet Stain Buster, I thought "pah! can't really do it all that well"
I was too nervous to try it as a part of my demonstrations as I hadn't tried it. But...


Check out my MONTHS old squashed banana stain that I found under the couch. Yes, granted my carpet is feral anyway (thanks landlord) but I do my best. 
I've circled the surrounding stains so you can see where it WAS in the after pic

 Because it's a very OLD stain I'm pouring on diluted Carpet Stain Buster as if I was going to put it in a carpet cleaner. I pour it on and let it go in.
 Then rub with an Enviro cloth.... what?! how fast did that take? Not long at all and hardly any elbow grease.
The carpet is still damp but as you can see, NO trace of banana!

AGAIN ON CARPET.. I thought I'd do it near another object to prove I wasn't just showing another bit of carpet. This one is between the cup and my foot
 Go on ZOOM IN on the pic and have a close look

AND FINALLY.. the chair.

Yes, old, yes stained... check out the difference.
 After I rubbed in the Carpet Stain Buster.. still wet
 Now dry you can see that the section I cleaned is SUPER CLEAN

Ok so here's what's in it. You won't believe it works until you've tried it. Looks way too simple.

Contains natural enzymes that naturally break down dirt, grease and odours. Works on a variety of organic stains.
Also Yucca contains compounds often referred to as a “natural detergent” because
of their foamy texture. The compound is a surfactant /foaming agent which, in our product,
is the primary cleaning ingredient. Its primary function is to produces foaming without the
use of synthetic surfactants. 

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) - preservative
As this product contains friendly microbes to help remove stains and odours, it continues to work for up to several days after use and will leave no residue in the carpet once thoroughly dry. For carpet cleaning or steam, we recommend to use 1:20 with water

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Anathoth (Yummy homemade heaven)

The best jam in the WORLD is made by Trevor my father in law. Cold weather raspberries kick butt and the year DH and I were married we gorged on the 2008 store of Trevor's home made raspberry jam.

What drizzly pulpy goodness! THAT is the summer I will never forget.

Now, I'm not in a berry growing area. The other side of the world and the opposite hemisphere... BUT what I do have on my side is New Zealand.

Anathoth jam is pure jam. No preservatives, colours and their range is mostly gluten free. They use locally grown produce and if not, they're open about it and name the countries of origin! How refreshing.

It TASTES like jam should taste - homemade!
the TEXTURE is how it should be - pulpy drizzly, thick enough but not a lump of IXL gloop
the TASTE is how it should be - FULL and deliciously surprising (after the usual supermarket gaff)
the COLOUR is how it should be - natural!
So it's my favourite.

These are the ones I'm trying next; Zucchini pickle and Blackcurrant jam. Mum says she has a teaspoon of Blackcurrant jam and with hot water it's the BEST drink when you're sick or just for a relaxing soothing moment. I'll try that Mum!

If we do start to bring in alot of imported food after the floods around the country, my vote is for NZ produce. Why get iffy from China when NZ's great food is just next door!?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It smelt odd - from personal blog

Here's an entry from our family blog that I just had to share.

At Christmas DH always buys me a utensil for the kitchen that I think "what the?!" and end up loving it.
This year was no different. It's bigger than it looks. It could lift an entire omelette, pizza or cake.
 I used it to make the kids some super-sized American pancakes (I totally kicked butt with the recipe)

What's the surprise you ask?  Well, after cooking and flipping the first side of the first pancake, something smelt odd.

DS2 (2year old) was up on the counter watching... I smelt him. Nope. I smelt me. Nope. I smelt the spatula and said, "oooh, this smells a bit odd" and DS2 replied, "I wee on it"
(me) "urgh! .... You WEEED on it?!"
(DS2) "Yeth"
(me) "Did you wee on anything else?"
(DS2) "Yeth"
(me) "what?... in the drawer?"
(DS2) "Yeth"
(me) "Did you pee.. in the DRAWER!?"
(DS2) "Yeaahhh!...(big grin).... No."

So even though it's only flipped one pancake (which was quickly binned) before being scrubbed in hot water, it was a good flip. Then off I went to smell the rest of the drawer's contents, just to check.

Friday, January 7, 2011

On My Mind..

An exciting thought at delivery time, "what's the honey comb going to taste like?", but now it's a bit of a worry. For months now I've been trying to source raw, organic, yellow box honey for everyone. So many anxious inquiries about the next honey order which unfortunately isn't going to happen.
While agonizing and researching for hundreds of kilos of honey.. I've been digging into my own store cupboard.
This honey I bought from the NSW South Coast 6 years ago. It's a red bark honey, it's gone dark over time but still tastes delicious.
Thank goodness for long term storage, thank goodness for honey, thank goodness that we're on an island and still have healthy bees.

Floods, Food and You

With most of Queensland flooded and a massive amount of that being farm land, our fruit, veggies, grain, cotton and meat prices are set to hike. The poor people must be absolutely at their wits end! A dairy farmer shared his sheer dismay as he let the entire vat of fresh milk wash away through the fields. No-where for it to go as all the roads were blocked and no trucks could come and collect it.

Today I went to the supermarket and Frozberries to stock up on all the things my once full cupboards/freezer lacked, before the rush of people panic buying. Things like long life/tinned milk, butter, cereal etc. Not because I'm panicking myself.. just that I know the prices will get higher even though the Chinese imports are cheap, the demand will be an excuse to make the profit margins wider. This means pressure on my budget and so I'm buying back up food to ease some of that.

Already the Tropical mixed fruit was out of stock because of the floods. I don't know why that suprised me. So far the floods have just been something happening on TV, in another state. Flick to the next channel and it's kids shows - no problems there. We adopt the mindset that we're infallible, untouchable and these things will never happen to us.  Well, floods probably won't happen here in my part but I'm in a bush fire area.

I remember over a year ago now.. maybe two when DH was at work and bush fires felt close. I ripped apart my 72hr emergency kit realising most of it was unnecessary rubbish and got the kids and 3 wheeler pram ready to leg it. It wasn't close but it made me realise that I need to be prepared.

I wondered how those scoffing ladies at pilates would have fared in a fire situation.

So to all those affected in the floods and other natural disasters going on in Australia. Our prayers are with you. For all those sitting back and watching the drama, get prepared and stock up while you can.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ooey Gooey roll/scroll/bun

In America it's "rolls"
In Australia it's "scrolls"
In England it's "sticky bun"

Whatever you call them, they're YUM! I shared the secret of my cinnamon rolls with a bunch of ladies from church a couple of years ago. They loved them and went to making them themselves straight away.

This week I tried a twist. I incorporated craisins into the bread dough and for the filling I used honey, brown sugar, raw cubed green apple and butter. For the icing I did something risky but healthy. I used Kombucha mixed in with the icing sugar. It gave it a weird sort of apple tang taste, but Maryanne my friend didn't notice and liked them enough to eat three in one sitting :o)

 They had lovely gooey caramel. (The pre-icing shots)

 They didn't come close to the originals - cinnamon rolls. The recipe given to my mum in the 70's by an American Sister Missionary (female, not related). It's not really a recipe as the amounts of sugar are just by feel. On this batch below I used slightly runny butter and didn't use as much as usual, mistake. They were really good, just not with that ooey gooey cinnamon caramel underneath. These are proving just a little longer before I stuck them in the oven.

I made these scrolls for my husband's birthday together with the strawberry flower pavlova.